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Craft and Vocational Classes for Women at Bhagini Niketan.

Bhgini Niketan is an Organisation working since 25 years in the field of Women, Child - specifically Mentally Retarded children, and many other social causes.
Through the implementation of its programs, Bhagini Niketan provides support to needy groups to help facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social requirements, such as education and health care, under the umbrella of fair national and regional legislations towards the prevailing of security and peace. Bhagini Niketan’s initiated effort to contribute without any discrimination to projects of human development, is done through the support of its Partners and is implemented, by national and regional organizations, by governmental and NGO’s bodies all over the developing world.
Bhagini Niketan was established in the year 1995 and registered under Society Registration Act.1960, Government of Gujarat and located at Odhav, Ahmedabad. Since its establishment, Bhagini Niketan has been helping poor women by finding them work and employment. It had set up stalls, medical canteens, piggery projects, weaving centers, bore-wells, micro-crediting, vocational training courses, self-help groups and many other projects under different government and NGO schemes.
Organisation requires funds to run Craft and Vocational classes for Women. Proposal is to conduct different vocational and craft courses, 10 batches per year each of 30 women. Each batch will have curriculum of 3 months on different crafts and vocational courses. After completion of courses organization will try to create employment or self-employment for them.
Project Expenses

Material cost per batch

Rs. 30000

Office expenses per batch

Rs. 5000

Faculty charges per batch

Rs. 30000


Rs. 10000


Rs. 10000

Administrative Monitoring (*)

Rs. 12750

Taxes and Service Charges (**)

Rs. 7750

Total for 1 batch

Rs. 105500

Total USD for 1 batch (***)

USD 1920

Total for 10 batch

Rs. 1055000

Total USD for 10 batch (***)

USD 19200

Minimum Requirement for 2 Batches : INR Rs. 211000 / USD 3840
Category : Education, Employment Development, Skill Development
Sector : Women
Administrator : NGOCSR.com (BGT Info Solutions),
Beneficiaries : Bhagini Niketan, Ahmedabad
Notes :
(*) Administrative and Monitoring charges by BGT Info Solutions.
(**) Service Taxes and Services charges from payment gateways and such other charges
(***) USD at the rate of 1 USD = INR 55 (this is because of currency conversion charges)


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