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Computer and Vocational Classes for Physically Disabled at The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad.

The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad is an Organisation working since 39 years for physically handicapped people. They are running a hostel for physically handicapped people in higher studies.
The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is an autonomous NGO working for the Orthopedically handicapped people since 1976. Started as a small group of people, now institution has its own large building in the heart of the Ahmedabad city. Building is having hostel facility for handicapped persons, a physiotherapy unit, a conference hall and training facilities for different courses and age groups. At present society have more than 5000 members.
Since its inception Society is working for the welfare of physically handicapped persons through various activities like seminars, talks, get-togethers, presentations to the government departments and physically handicapped persons. Since the beginning society is also organizing various national levels, state level, and district level sports activities every year.
The Society has earned various state and national awards also. These include National Award for the Social Welfare for Physically Handicapped and National Award for Outstanding Employer of Physically Handicapped. We are also affiliated with Paralympic Committee of India and such other national level organizations.
Organisation requires funds to run Computer and Vocational classes for Physically Disabled persons. Proposal is to conduct different vocational and computer courses, 10 batches per year each of 30 persons. Each batch will have curriculum of 3-6 months.

Project Expenses

Office furniture and Computer Equipment


Material cost per batch

Rs. 30000

Office expenses per batch

Rs. 5000

Faculty charges per batch

Rs. 30000


Rs. 10000


Rs. 10000

Administrative Monitoring (*)

Rs. 12750

Taxes and Service Charges (**)

Rs. 7750

Total for 1 batch

Rs. 105500

Total USD for 1 batch (***)

USD 1920

Administrative Monitoring (*)

Rs. 30000

Taxes and Service Charges (**)

Rs. 16000

Total for 10 batch

Rs. 1301000

Total USD for 10 batch (***)

USD 23655

Minimum Requirement : for 1 batch and Computer Equipments Rs. 351500
Category : Education, Employment Development
Sector : Disability (OH)
Administrator : NGOCSR.com (BGT Info Solutions),
Beneficiaries : The Society for Physically Handicapped, Ahmedabad
Notes :
(*) Administrative and Monitoring charges by BGT Info Solutions.
(**) Service Taxes and Services charges from payment gateways and such other charges
(***) USD at the rate of 1 USD = INR 55 (this is because of currency conversion charges)  


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